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Spouse open work permit

The open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada. To be eligible for spouse open work permit applicant must be a spouse or common law partner of full time international student or skilled worker in Canada (eg. on Post grad work permit, Intra company transferee, LMIA based WP, Bridge open work permit etc.) or you have applied under spousal sponsorship-In Canada class. 

Key requirements


Spouse status in Canada

The international student or skilled worker should have a status for at least 6 months to be eligible for spousal open work permit application.


Proof of relationship

A strong proof of relationship is recommended . If you are newly married, you may use photos of wedding and important events, proof of contact and marriage is recognised by Govt, third parties and socially to support your application/


Study or Employment details

If you are an international student, then proof of your full time study is required. For skilled worker, proof of their work in NOC 0,A or B is required.


Financial sufficiency

If you are an international student additional funds are required to show that you/your spouse must have to sustain financially. Same way spouse of skilled work must show additional funds through employment and bank statements.


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