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Significant benefits-LMIA exempt Work permit for Entrepreneurs/Self employed-C11

It’s a program for Foreign nationals applying to work for themselves or to operate their own business in Canada. They must demonstrate that their business in Canada would generate significant economic, social or cultural benefits or opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.  

Significant Benefit Work Permit-What you should know


General economic stimulus

The business involves job creation, development in a regional or remote setting or expansion of export markets for Canadian products and services


Advancement of Canadian Industry

The business involves Technological development, product or service innovation or differentiation or opportunities for improving the skills of Canadians


Business Setup or Buy

Applicant must have 50% or more stake in the proposed business that he/she is planning to operate.


Self employment

Benefits to Canadian clients of a self-employed worker may be considered, particularly if the worker is providing a unique service. 


Work permit renewal

Applicants can apply for renewal of work permit inside Canada. However, they have to provide evidence with satisfactory performance of initial business plan as submitted including significant benefits.


Permanent residence pathways

The applicants have two potential pathways for immigration i.e. Provincial business nominee program and Quebec entrepreneur or self employed immigration programs.


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