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Supervisa for Parents and Grand Parents

Supervisa allows parents and grandparents of Permanent Residents and Citizens of Canada to visit and stay up to 5 years in Canada at a stretch. It is a multiple-entry visa valid for 10 years.
Parents/Grandparents need to buy medical insurance for $100,000 annual coverage. Additionally, they need to undergo an immigration medical assessment.
The child/grandchild in Canada must meet income (LICO-Low Income Cut Off) requirements and provide a signed letter promising financial support for the duration of the visit.

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Address previous refusals

Apply for GCMS/CAIPS notes and review previous refusals. Address the officer's concerns about your application.


Answer your queries and concerns 

Simplify the process for you and guide you step by step through the application process. Also, answer all your queries and concerns.


Assess your eligibility

Assess all supervisa requirements for medical,insurance and others.


Prepare a strong application

Prepare strong documentation meeting the immigration requirements. 

Income requirements-LICO

Income requirements for Jan-Dec 2022

No. of family members

No. of family members


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