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Family visit visa

Your family members can visit you in Canada for 6 months or less. The family members can get 10 years multiple entry visa or up to their passport validity. The important factors for a visit visa application are the purpose of the visit, ties to the home country, ties to Canada and financial support for the duration of stay.

What you should know

Here are few critical factors that can lead to application refusal

Previous refusals

If you fail to declare previous refusals, it can lead to misrepresentation and a bar for re-application for 5 years.

Missing documents

There are eligibility, and supporting documents listed in checklists, and missing any document may lead to a refusal.

Incomplete forms

If the forms are incomplete and missing important information or conflicting information with previous applications.

Poor ties to home country

This is the most important factor in assessing your family member will go back and overstay in Canada.

Unclear purpose of visit

The purpose includes what all your family members intend to do while they are here

Insufficient funds

Family members' and host's financial situation, including employment and liquid funds available to support their stay in Canada.

How we can help


Assess previous refusals

If you have had any previous refusals, we can assess and suggest options to overcome them, including the ones listed in GCMS/CAIPS notes.


Guide you step by step

We will make the process easier for you and guide you step by step for documents needed. Also, we will answer all your questions and concerns throughout the application process. 


Review ties to home country

Ties to the home country are the single most reason for refusals, apart from sufficient funds for a stay. We'll go over this with you in full detail.


Apply on your behalf

Apply for you and track and update the progress of your application.


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