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Business Visit

As a business visitor, you can visit Canada temporarily to look for ways to grow your business, invest or advance your business relationships. You can participate in several business activities "without being part of the Canadian labour market." 
Business visitors can stay in Canada for a few days or a few weeks and up to 6 months, depending on the purpose of the visit.

Common Business Activities

Some of the activities that you comes under Business visit

Buying goods or services

Buying goods or services for overseas business or government.

Taking orders

Taking orders to buy goods or services from Canadian company.

Meetings and conferences

Attend meeting or conferences or trade fairs.

After Sale services

Provide after sale services for equipments sold to Canadian company

Being trained

Get training from Canadian company who sold you goods or services.

Training employees

Provide training to employees in Canada on goods or services sold by your company.

Business visit-Key Requirements



You do not plan to enter in the Canadian labour market, i.e. create competition for existing businesses in Canada.


Place of business

Your principal place of business remains outside Canada.


Source of Income

As a Business visitor, all your source of income must come from outside Canada.



Letter of invitation from Host company with 24-hour contact, relevant agreement contracts, proof of funds for stay and travel etc.


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