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Job Search Facts You Must Know

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0Percent of applicants reach to interview stage
0AVERAGE in months it takes to get a suitable job 
0time in seconds,spent by hiring mangers for resume review
0percent of hidden job market ie.not ADVERTISED

We Make Your Resume Standout


Sell at first sight

We help you make attention grabbing resume that will prompt reader to read it in full. Remember are made to Sell and NOT JUST TELL.


Prove you can

We help you bring out your strengths relevant to job requirements.It is easy to prove that you can do it with your relevant accomplishments and active verbs.


Quick and easy to read

Clean,clear and professional formatting can help hiring manager find most important information fast.We review your resume hot spots to see as what recruiters would like to see


Compared and tested

We compare your resume with several excellent resumes.Remember only 2% of applicants reach at the interview stage.

Canadian Style Resumes

Sample title
No personal information

Do not include any personal information such as photo,age, marital status, parents' name,Passport number,legal status etc.

Sample title
Resume Vs CV

Resume and CV are different.CV is used for academic positions.Do not use CV while sending your resumes.

Sample title
Key words

Understand the job posting requirements thoroughly and customize the resume with keywords used in the job posting.

Sample title
Resume Length

Keep 1-2 pages depending on the length of your experience, ideal for quick reading. For management, senior executives and academics it can be longer.

Sample title

Prove that you can do the job. 
Your resume is more than the job duties or responsibilities. Include your accomplishments, awards and recognitions.

Sample title

Keep easy to read format with lots of space for easy and quick reading. Keep a consistent format with bullet points and no pictures and colored headers or fonts.

Resume Categories

We deal with Resumes for All Skilled Professionals and Trade Categories


Information Technology

IT analysts,Developers, Designers,Web developers,User Technicians, Program Managers and more.



General Business, HR,Finance, Accounting, Business Analysts and more.



Nurse,Pharmacist,Healthcare Sales,Doctors and more.


Education and Training

Teachers,Trainers, Instruction designers and more


Sales and Marketing

Marketing,Sales,Customer Service and more


Engineering and Tech

Civil,Electrical,Mechanical and other engineers


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