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Procedural fairness letters

A procedural fairness letter (PFL) may be issued to allow an applicant to respond to any concerns or issues that may have arisen during the processing of their immigration application. Additional document requests (ADR) are issued to verify the applicant information.

PFL-What You Should Know


Why you recieved it

The concerns or issues may relate to factors such as incomplete or inaccurate information on the application, discrepancies in documentation, or other issues that have been identified during the review process. 


How you should respond

The response should be factual clear, concise, and address all of the concerns that have been raised with evidences.


Response timelines

It's important to respond to a procedural fairness letter within the specified deadline, as failure to do so may result in a negative decision on your application. 


Unresolved issues

It's also important to seek the advice of an immigration professional if you are unsure about how to respond or if you have any concerns about the process. 

ADR-What you should Know

Immigration officer may request additional documents to verify the applicant's information. In general, the purpose of an additional document request is to ensure that the immigration application is complete, accurate, and meets the requirements of the Canadian immigration. 


Information accuracy

Firstly you should check the information you provided in the past applications and if there is no conflict in different forms or applications.


Response time

Provide the requested documents in a timely and complete manner can help expedite the application process and increase the likelihood of a positive decision.


Response method

It is essential to carefully read the request and follow the instructions provided. Generally, the request will specify which documents are required and how they should be submitted. 



You must also keep a copy of the acknowledgment or screenshot of the submission to avoid any issues later. It is highly recommended to start preparing the document as soon as you receive the request.


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