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Spousal sponsorship

If you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent resident of Canada over 18 years of age, then you can sponsor your spouse or common law partner or conjugal partner and dependants under spousal sponsorship/family sponsorship program. You should be living in Canada or you must have a plan to live in Canada at the time of application. 

Key requirements for Sponsor


Financial requirements

You can sponsor, if you can prove that you will be able to provide support for basic needs for yourself and family members. Additionally, you have fulfilled the requirements with previous sponsorships, have undischarged bankruptcy or did not pay alimony or child support or immigration loan. You need to give an undertaking for supporting spouse/common law/conjugal partner for 3 years after getting the permanent residence.


Criminal requirements

You were NOT convicted of an offence of a sexual nature, a violent crime, an offence against a relative that caused bodily harm or threatened or attempted to commit any of the above offences—depending on the nature of the offence, how long ago it happened and if you received a pardon.


Previous relationships

You cannot sponsor a spouse or partner if you signed an undertaking for a previous spouse or partner and it hasn’t been three years since they became a permanent resident.
You are NOT sponsoring a spouse or partner and you were previously sponsored as a spouse, common-law or conjugal partner and became a permanent resident of Canada less than five years ago



You cannot sponsor if you are under a removal order, or in a penitentiary, jail, or reformatory or prison.

Key requirements for Applicant and Dependants



If you are an applying as a spouse, you must be able to show genuine and strong proof of relationship along with the marriage certificate. If you or sponsor have previously married, then you must have a divorce certificate before you married your spouse. 


Common law

You can apply as a Common law  if you and your common law partner, have stayed together for minimum one year year in a conjugal relationship. For common law also, a strong proof of relationship is required.


Conjugal partner

Conjugal partners are Who would normally live together but could not because of immigration impediment.  For applying under Conjugal partner also, a strong proof of relationship is required along with explanation and evidence why the conjugal partner cannot join his/her partner in Canada.


Dependant Children

The dependants children can be sponsored if they are under 22 years and do not have spouse or common law partner. Children over 22 years can be sponsored if they are unable to financially support themselves because of a mental or physical condition or they have depended on their parents for financial support since before the age of 22.


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