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Understanding NOC and Skills

Most Immigration categories are based on skills required in the provincial or Canadian Job market.
National Occupational Classification (NOC) system classifies jobs (skills and occupations). Jobs are grouped into training, education, experience, and responsibilities (TEER) categories based on the type of job duties work a person does.

Key concept of NOC

Understanding of NOC is critical to all skill based work permit and Immigration applications. Your employment offer or employment confirmation is required to support your application.


Teer System

NOC is 6 Teer System from Teer 0 to Teer 5.Teer 0 is for Management Occupations, Teer 1 is for Occupations that usually require a Univesity degree and Teer 5 is occupations that require no formal training and short term work experience.


NOC code

NOC is represented by  5 digit code and you can search up your NOC from the website based on job title or NOC code.


Parts of NOC

NOC description includes-Lead statement Example job titles, Main duties, Employment requirements, Additional information and Exclusions.


Immigration requirements

It must reflect in your employment letter tthat You must have performed a substantial number of the main duties, including all the essential duties, of the occupation(s) as set out in the occupational description of the NOC.


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