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Business Immigration-Provincial nomination

All provinces have business programs catering to the province's economic development. These programs are mainly for entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals or professionals with management experience. Provinces also have a list of eligible businesses and additional requirements based on the location of the business.

General Program requirements-PNP Business

* Except for Programs for Farming and International students and Quebec

Business proposal

This covers your business idea, business plan, feasibility study and financial plan. This is a starting point for your business immigration.

Exploratory visit

This includes your business visit to research and meets stakeholders of the industry and market you may be dealing with in the province and region.

Management experience

This is about your past experience running or managing a business. It also includes the level of expertise that will help you run the business in Canada. In most cases, it is min 3 years.

Expression of intrest

Most provinces have an expression of interest system, and applicants have to show their interest by applying through an online form and give preliminary business details.

Point system

Most provinces have points scoring system to assess your business intent that you have shown expression of intrest. 


Most provinces have an interview after the preliminary assessment ,where officer would like to futher know and verify about your business plan.


Most provinces require you to have a minimum networth ($100,000 to $600,000) as per the program. You may have to  provide your verifiable networth by the designated third parties.


Most provinces require you to have min funds available for investment which may vary from $100,000 to $600,000 depending on the provincial program.

Job creation

Almost all provinces require you to show the minimum jobs you will create for permanent residents and Canadian citizens. Most provinces have a range of 1-3 job creation as a requirement.

Eligible business

There are eligible business and preferred business/industry areas listed out by the provicial Govt based on provincial priorities

Work permit

All provinces support work permit applications so you can start your business. Provincial nomination is the next step after business is established.


Many provinces require you to give initial deposit for the application.


There are minimum education requirerements and mostly it is completion of secondary school education.

Additional contributions

There are additional factors province may include to show additional requireemnts or benefits to the provinces and may change from time to time.


Most provinces require you to have majority stake or equity in the business that you plan to buy or setup in the province.

Performance assessment

Many provinces require a performance assessment of your established business to invite you for provincial nomination.

Community support

Many provinces require you to obtain a community support letter.


There are minimun language score requirements of CLB, Canadian Language Bench Mark of 4-6 in most provinces which is basic English or French language skills

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Key financial requirements

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