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IELTS-Academic and General Training

Academic format is for Study and General Training is for Immigration



.Assess your speaking ability and score/bands vary from ....This test is for 11-14 minutes and you would be speaking to a person who would grade you on the basis of your 



Assess your listening skills and bands vary  from..The test is for 30 minutes with 4 sections and 40 questions.



The test is for 60 minutes with 3 sections containing 40 questions



The test is for 60 minutes with 2 tasks f 150 and 250 words

IELTS-What You Must Know 


All language abilities are important

Most academic programs or Immigration categories require minimum score in each language ability.If you have over all good score but  less in one language ability,you may not be able to eligible to apply for study or immigration.


Give your Best Shot first time

Preparation is key to good score in IELTS. Having good English communication is not enough for getting a good IELTS score.It is important to try your best in first attempt! 


Understand your language score and its impact

There are different IELTS score or bands that can significantly affect your chances for study or immigration for Canada. Explore how different your score impact your chances!


Practice is important but strategy is more important

Practice is very important but preparing test day plan or strategy will be more important to ensure nothing goes wrong on the test day.

Sample title

Target Your IELTS Score !

You can achieve you target IELTS score with one to one guidance and live sessions with our IELTS trainer.There are scheduled sessions starting every week.You can also book paid hourly consultation for review of your speaking or writing abilities.

The 30 day online course has over 15 practice tests,80 plus interactive lessons,350 plus videos and 800 pages ebook and audiofiles.

How We Can Help 


30 Day Online Course

Get a 30-day online course to all our clients. It has an option of academic or general module.  It includes 15 practice tests and an ebook, which can help you achieve the desired score.


Phone or Video chat with Trainer

Get one to one guidance on IELTS general or academic module. This includes speaking and writing assessments and coaching via Skype or video calls.


IELTS Resources

Get extensive resources about " what you must know" and additional practice links. It is free with our one to one coaching sessions.


IELTS Checklists

Get comprehensive IELTS checklists that can help you on the day of the test. Also, get guidance to prepare one of your own with  personal strategies.


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